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  iACT 2019: Overcoming ‘the Self’ and then Benefiting ‘the World’

Our unique conference format includes individual presentations by renowned academic researchers of Taekwondo and martial arts, as well as a roundtable discussion of current hot topics in the field of Taekwondo philosophy and pedagogy that invites audience participation. Our goal is to serve and enrich the local, state, and regional Taekwondo as well as martial art communities by including everyone in the academic discourse. Our purpose is to assemble members of these communities who want to share their views on various issues, learn from and enrich each other, and celebrate the contribution of transformational education leaders.

The iACT is a non-profit public charity organization, incorporated and registered under section 509(a)(3) with the US Department of the Treasury. Our iACT mission statement includes promoting and conducting various activities related to Taekwondo research, academics, and learning. We do so by reaching out to the local Taekwondo communities around the world to support our endeavors at the grassroots level.

We are asking you to please consider partnering with us by becoming an individual/Taekwondo club donor of the iACT 2019. Your participation will support our vision of holistic community outreach and involvement, and we would be honored have your participation. Sponsoring and donating entail financial support to defray costs associated with the event and will in part help support Taekwondo education and student development. In appreciation, your organization will receive advertising and recognition at levels corresponding to your level of sponsorship until the next iACT conference. Below is a detailed form that outlines various levels of sponsorship.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Ron Dziwenka at:

Office: 410-677-5027         Cell: 585-978-2430       Email:  rjdziwenka@salisbury.edu

Thank you for your sincere interest and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Ron Dziwenka

iACT President

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