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     The WTF Presents iACT 2016: Issues in Taekwondo History & Future Directions


We are very humbled and honored, yet excited, about the OFFICIAL WTF CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP for iACT 2016.

Nonetheless, the WTF’s sponsorship will cover only a portion of the total cost of the conference.

Therefore, please consider being a grassroots donor of the iACT.

We are asking you to please consider becoming an individual or club/organization donor of the iACT, to support our vision of holistic community outreach and involvement, and we would be honored have your participation. Donorship entails financial support to defray costs associated with the event and in part will help support Taekwondo research, education and development. In appreciation, your organization will receive advertising and recognition at levels corresponding to your level of Donorship.

Click onto the “Become a Donor” link below to view the sponsorship document for information about how to support the iACT and the perks you could receive at each “official” donorship level.

All donors, regardless of “official” level, will receive exclusive access to our growing iACT digital library, with hundreds of Ph. D. dissertations, MA theses, peer-reviewed journals and other academic articles on Taekwondo and martial arts.
Nonetheless, while there are “official” levels of donorship, we welcome any donation amount. Do not hesitate to contact me at dziwenka@nmsu.edu, or go to our facebook page and get in touch with me from there.

iACT facebook page link:     https://www.facebook.com/iactkd


Dr. Ron Dziwenka  –  iACT President

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