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          The WTF Presents iACT 2016: Issues in Taekwondo History & Future Directions


Dear Sponsors, Supporters, Colleagues, and Fellow Taekwondoists,

I am Ron Dziwenka, from the College of Education in New Mexico State University. I taught and studied for twelve years at Yonsei University in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and earned my first Masters Degree there. In Taekwondo, I am Kukkiwon-certified a 7th dan.

I welcome you to participate in our iACT conference ( on Taekwondo and martial arts on April 2, in San Francisco, CA. We are collaborating with the World Taekwondo Federation Scientific Research Committee, to organize the conference. The title of the conference is “The WTF Presents iACT 2016: Issues in Taekwondo History & Future Directions.” Our purpose is to celebrate both the contribution of our Taekwondo community to excellence in education and Taekwondo’s significant impact on children and families.

Dr. Chungwon Choue, President of the World Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Franjo Prot, Chairman of the WTF Scientific Research Committee, and Dr. Eil Chul Kim, Senior Director of the WTF Education Department, support our conference. Other supporters include Grandmaster Taek Sung Cho, President of American Taekwondo United.

World-renowned academic researchers from the United States, Germany and Republic of Korea will present on their areas of expertise and engage in a round table discussion of current hot topics in Taekwondo history. They are Dr. Hyeongseok Song, Keimyung University, ROK; Dr. Allan Bäck, Kuztown University, USA; Dr. Steven D. Capener, Seoul Women’s University, ROK; Dr. Udo Moenig, Youngsan University; ROK; and Dr. George Vitale, New York, USA. The keynote address will be given by Dr. Franjo Prot, Chairman of the WTF Scientific Research Committee.

The iACT 2016 theme also celebrates Dr. Moenig’s latest publication; Taekwondo – From a Martial Art to a Martial Sport (London: Routledge, 2015).

Our unique conference format includes individual presentations (40 minutes each) by five renowned academic researchers of Taekwondo and martial arts, as well as a one hour roundtable discussion of current hot topics in the field of Taekwondo history that invites audience participation.

Our goal is to serve and enrich the local, state and regional Taekwondo as well as martial art communities by including everyone in the academic discourse. Our purpose is to assemble members of these communities who want to share their views on various issues, learn from and enrich each other, and celebrate the contribution of transformational education leaders.

I would like to share with you our vision of holistic community outreach and engagement. I look forward to your participation, and that of your instructors and students, in our conference.


Dr. Ron Dziwenka

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International Meeting of Minds to Improve Taekwondo for the Future